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We are an owner-managed PR agency based in Hamburg and Berlin with many years of experience in all areas of PR and communication. Whether you are a “newcomer” or unhappy with your current agency. We offer strategies and concepts tailored to your needs.

2007: Foundation of the agency: In 2007, Nawrocki PR & Communication GmbH & Co. KG was founded. Right from the start, the goal was clear: to create a first-class PR agency that helps companies communicate their messages effectively.

The first years: In the early years, the agency concentrated on building up its expertise and gaining experience in various areas of PR and communication. The team worked hard to build relationships with customers and cement their trustworthiness.

Growth and expansion: Over time, the agency grew and opened a branch in Berlin to serve an even larger customer base. This was an important milestone that emphasised the growth and reach of Nawrocki PR & Communication.

Focus on customer satisfaction: The agency has always attached great importance to the satisfaction of its customers. Customised strategies and tailor-made concepts have become the hallmark of Nawrocki PR & Communication. This has led to long-standing partnerships and a steady stream of new projects.

Today and into the future: Nawrocki PR & Communication has developed into a respected PR agency that can look back on a successful history and impressive expertise in the industry. The team strives to continue to grow and provide innovative solutions for the ever-changing world of PR and communications.

Our Team

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Our Philosophy

If you stop advertising to save money, you might as well stop the clock to save time!’
– Henry Ford (1863 – 1947) –

With Nawrocki PR & Communication you save both – money and time!

Thanks to our perfectly organised team, which brings expertise at the highest level from all areas of PR and communication, we can handle extensive projects completely in-house.

And even more!

We see ourselves as generalists who think outside the box to develop the best strategic and creative solutions for you.

… and through the use of our analysis tools, all this is not just a promise, but a measurable value!