Content Marketing
  • TV production
  • Marketing
  • Social media production
  • Editorial content

Contacts are half the message: we know various media and have good connections for maximum reach. A perfect media mix ensures that your target group is reached and effective results are achieved.

TV production & marketing

We bring dynamism to your presentation – both behind and in front of the camera! From short video clips to comprehensive live programmes, we design, stage and produce your presentations. Our focus is on products, brands and people, whether on the Internet or at live events.

We rely on a team of experienced professionals behind the camera and an extensive network for co-operations and marketing. The result? Impressive visuals that fascinate the audience.

Editorial content

The key to success lies in the content. In a world that is flooded with information, it is not the quantity but the quality of the content that stands out. We aim to fascinate the audience with interesting and relevant material rather than overwhelming them. We achieve this through the selection of suitable topics and a captivating presentation. In this way, we secure the attention and interest of our target group.

Exciting content instead of boredom – that’s our promise!

Social media production

A big fish: social media has quickly become one of the most important communication channels. This has also increased the requirements and demands of users. Instead of tweeting from time to time, we develop a long-term and professional social media strategy including Realisation for your brand.

We look after your website continuously and ensure that there is no shitstorm, but joy!

  • Influencer strategies
  • Execution of Holistic Influencer Campaigns
  • Social influencer Audits & Mappings
  • Influencer Storytelling & Content Creation
  • Influencer KPI Frameworks
  • Influence Performance Tracking & Monitoring
  • Paid Influencer Marketing
  • Communication strategies and planning along the consumer journey
  • Search Audits
  • Analytics
  • Listening Analysen & Issues Monitoring
  • Digitales Stakeholder Mapping
  • Social Media Management
  • Channel Strategy & Management
  • Digital Storytelling & Content Creation
  • Digital Media Relations
  • Organic Search Optimization
  • Internationale Communication Toolkits

Our approach is based on a practical mind, clearly defined strategies and extensive experience in entrepreneurship.

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